Marshalling towing vehicle for the outdoor cleaning facility of DB Regio AG in Freiburg

The fully automatic towing and marshalling/shunting vehicle with a thrust/traction force of 5 tonnes is the heart of an outdoor cleaning facilities for locomotives and wagons.

The vehicle maintains the constant braking pressure of the coupled vehicle by means of an integrated automatic compressed air system.

The customer is Deutsche Bahn AG.

Technical parameters

  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 4595mm x 2800mm x 3500 mm
  • Track gauge: 1435mm
  • Wheel-base: 3500mm
  • Weight: 25.5 t
  • Thrust/traction: 50 kN
  • Wheel diameter: 500mm
  • Running speed (under load): 0 – 0.6 m/s
  • Running speed (empty): 0 – 1.38 m/s
  • Ambient temperature: -20° to + 30°C
  • Degree of protection of the components installed in the enclosed driver's cab: IP 54
  • Degree of protection of the other components: IP 65
  • Coupling: RK900 shunting coupling

Technical Specifications

  • Drive unit: Bevel gear motor with 7.5 kW output, two traction motors per driving axle
  • Brake system: Disc brake, electrically actuated;
  • electrically controlled with a joystick
  • Operating voltage: 400V
  • Operating frequency: 50Hz
  • Control voltage: 230V AC, 24V DC 10V DC
  • Power consumption: 30 kW (without compressed air system), 35 kW with compressed air system
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