MSD segment handling systems:
Weightlifters with sensitivity.

With 20 tonnes and more, lining segments are the heaviest components in tunnelling. Handling these segments requires technology which is not only powerful but also precise. With almost two decades of experience with segment fabrication and handling systems, Maschinen- und Stahlbau Dresden is one of the technology leaders in this field.

For damage-free transport and precise positioning.

Pick-up, rotate, lift, lower – from production through to final installation, segments repeatedly have to be moved. This not only requires strength, but precision too. Because it is decisive for the durability and tightness of the tunnel structure that the segments not only remain absolutely undamaged, but are also positioned with millimetre precision n their intended location. This is where MSD engineering's strengths are brought to bear.

MSD is the specialist for segment handling systems.

MSD is the competent contact for every aspect of segment handling. We have been building special components and systems for the production, transport and installation of weighty precast concrete elements since 1991. Nowadays our mechanical and hydraulic equipment is successfully being used in concrete factories, on-site concrete factories and on tunnel construction sites all over the world.

MSD segment handling systems product overview:

  • Vacuum lifters
  • Vacuum turning/reversing equipment
  • Load handling devices
  • Transfer systems
  • Lifting platforms
  • Logistics turntables
  • Gasket gluing frames
  • Reinforcement logistics
  • Segment clamps (hydraulic/mechanical)
  • Segment carousel systems
  • Segment turners
  • Segment transport systems