Mobile emergency systems from MSD:
Safety just in case.

MSD has specialised in the development and production of reliable rescue and escape systems which, in the event of a hazard, provide comprehensive protection for personnel deployed underground. With this equipment, you not only fulfil the relevant safety regulations but also your responsibility for the life and limb of the workforce entrusted to you.

You can rely on MSD emergency systems.

Tunnel construction is safer today than ever before. Nevertheless, the special potential hazards of building underground have to be considered and appropriate precautions taken – both technically and organisationally. From a technical point of view, with mobile emergency systems from MSD you are ideally prepared. Legal regulations are taken into account from the outset and – just like many other details for additional safety – are carefully and conscientiously implemented.

Escape containers with breathable air supply protect against smoke, fire and water.

MSD emergency systems include various recovery vehicles – depending on the requirements, with or without their own drive and with or without their own breathable air supply. MSD escape containers with breathable air supply provide the best possible protection in the event of fires or thick smoke development. The penetration of harmful fumes and gases is prevented by tightly sealed in windows and controlled pressurisation. These emergency systems also provide stable refuge in the event of water inrush, as the sliding doors of the cars become hermetically closing safety partitions.

MSD emergency systems provide double safety.

The breathable air supply systems of the MSD escape containers are redundantly designed and are therefore to a large extent fault-resistant. Double safety for the power supply too: If the electricity fails, maintenance-free rechargeable batteries supply the container's emergency lighting.

Mobile emergency systems product overview:

  • Escape containers with breathable air supply
  • Recovery vehicles