MSD working platforms:
for more safety and productivity.

Without working platforms, nothing is possible in a railway depot. Because without appropriate special technology, the various places where work needs to be done on locomotives and wagons are mostly inaccessible to the assembly and maintenance personnel. MSD provides mobile workstations, which are not only particularly ergonomic – i.e. precisely coordinated with the individual workflows – but also have all the necessary safety devices.

MSD working platforms ensure the safety of your personnel.

Working on rail vehicles often means: working at a considerable height, and not only for work on the roof. Which is why all MSD working platforms provide well thought through and reliable fall protection systems. After all, the safety of your personnel is involved.

MSD working platforms protect against vehicle damage.

In addition, the design of all our working platforms is always precisely adapted to the rail vehicle to be worked on. This reliably prevents damage to the high-quality outer skin of modern vehicles.

MSD working platforms provide an ergonomic working environment.

When planning and designing working platforms we pay particular attention to precise analysis and replication of daily work processes. We know how important a well thought through working environment is for the productivity and health of your personnel. Each and every detail of our equipment should make its contribution to achieving this. From us you can expect working platforms which become an organic and efficient part of the processes in your operations and therefore provide optimum prerequisites for efficient and safe working.

MSD turntables product overview:

  • Raised/roof working platforms
  • End face working platforms
  • Gantry working platforms
  • Side working platforms
  • Suspended gantry platforms, suspended platforms
  • Stationary gantries
  • Traversable lifting platforms