MSD turntables:
For turning manoeuvres in small spaces.

Turntables enable elegant changes in direction in small spaces. What used to be reserved for railway depots is now frequently found in modern multi-storey car parks or on parking decks. Whether for rail vehicles, buses, trucks or cards – with turntables from MSD you kit out your logistics with the right gear for every weight class.

MSD builds and modernises turntables of any type and size.

Maschinen- und Stahlbau Dresden is the specialist for the construction and modernisation of tailor-made turntable systems in various sizes and types. The range extends from small turntables with less than three metre diameter and a rated capacity of up to 40 tonnes through to large vehicle turntables with 30 metre diameter and capacities of 120 tonnes and more.

MSD turntables provide comprehensive equipment options.

Choose your special automation and sensor technology equipment to seamlessly integrate the new system in existing transport processes. By the way: We also rejuvenate your existing turntables through reconstruction and modernisation using the latest control engineering.

MSD turntables product overview:

  • Small turntables
    Diameter: 1 to 3 metres
    Rated capacity: up to 40 tonnes (and higher for special applications)
    Application: Turntable transport and other logistics tasks
  • Logistics turntables
    Diameter: 8 to 16 metres and larger
    Rated capacity: up to 60 tonnes
    Application: Transport of road vehicles
  • Large vehicle turntables
    Diameter: 30 to 3 metres
    Rated capacity: 120 tonnes and more
    Application: Transport of heavy rail vehicles