MSD traversers:
For space-saving movements.

Traversers are used when rail vehicles or their components are to be moved on tracks with minimum space requirements. For example, they are used in the production and maintenance of vehicles or for handling goods. Maschinen- und Stahlbau Dresden is a leading developer and manufacturer of these efficient and highly varied transport systems.

MSD is your specialist for the construction and modernisation of traversers.

MSD has been building traversers for decades for depots over the world. Apart from new build projects, we also provide reconstruction and modernisation work on existing facilities. It does not matter whether these systems have been produced by us or bought in from another manufacturer – we bring them back up to state-of-the-art standards.

MSD provides traversers using all construction methods and equipment options.

Even if the fundamental function of traversers has to a large extent remained unchanged for decades – with different construction methods and diverse special features, our range of efficient standard and special solutions in this area is now more extensive than ever before.

MSD develops, builds, reconstructs and modernises:

  • Gantry or tray traversers
  • Lowered traversers
  • Lifted traversers 
  • Indoor traversers
  • Outdoor traversers
  • Battery-operated traversers
  • Traversers with hydraulic configuration
  • Traversers up to 36 metres long and up to 220 tonnes load capacity
  • Traversers with running speeds of up to 120 m per minute
  • Traversers with two track stands for different and combined track gauges