MSD shunting technology:
Convenient shunting without locomotives.

Towing technology is used when rail vehicles have to be marshalled without their own drive. MSD develops and builds customer-specific versions of these powerful mini-locomotives for use in railway depots, outdoor cleaning facilities or as components of goods logistics systems.

When marshalling is not possible under a vehicle's own steam …

… so-called marshalling-towing vehicles are used. For example, this is the case in outdoor cleaning facilities, when power cars with electric drive have to be disconnected from the overhead line or wagons in the railway depot have to be moved without locomotives for assembly or maintenance purposes.

With MSD towing technology you manoeuvre and marshal amongst the leaders.

For these and many other applications, MSD produces compact towing vehicles with high effective load and individual special equipment. We do this by contributing all our know-how as a traditional company in the railway engineering sector, in order to develop particularly practical and permanently economic solutions.

MSD towing technology can be comprehensively automated.

Perfect compatibility between the control electronics of the vehicle and external control systems are a standard feature of MSD towing vehicles. As is intelligent automation tailored to requirements.